Monday, August 10, 2009

The Beginning

I started the blog to comment and explain my passion for the New England Patriots and Fulham Football Club. I am a huge fan of both teams. Following these great teams has given me a release from the daily grind of life. I wanted to start from the beginning to how I started following these 2 teams.

This first post will be about Fulham. I became a Fulham fan completely by accident. I was not a soccer fan, but was always curious why so many people follow the game. Two incidents happened that helped me become a fan of this team.

First, I was forced to change my cable package because I wanted to get the NFL Network. When I was able to get the channel I also now had access to Fox Soccer Channel. I slowly started to watch matched and decided I would follow Fulham because of Clint Dempsey. He is an American player and a former member of The New England Revolution. I started to follow Fulham but was mildly into it.

Second, I became so turned off by the media covering the Patriots I started looking for another outlet. The Spygate Scandal really started to suck the joy out of being a fan of the New England Patriots. I am a lifetime fan and I just was not enjoying the season of 2007. The Patriots went 16 - 0 and I just didn't feel the same about my team. I do blame the media for building up this story, and in the long run being wrong about many facts about the scandal. The Patriots then played the Giants in the Super Bowl and lost. I was devastated by the loss and the Spygate 2 scandal that broke the day before the game. I needed another escape.

In February of 2008 I started to follow the relegation battle for Fulham. It was fascinating to see what they needed to do just to stay in the Premiereship. Over the next couple of months I became hooked on the team and the sport. I have been a hardcore fan of both teams ever since.

I will blog about both teams when I feel it is necessary. It should be fun writing about them and following the teams together.