Monday, March 1, 2010

5 Things I Think about the New England Patriots this week March 1st

Since it is the off season I am going to limit this entry to "5 things I think" this week regarding the New England Patriots. With free agency beginning soon it should be an interesting week.

1. I think the New England Patriots should bring back Mike Vrabel. I think this is a "no brainer" for the Pats. Even at his age what he gives you in leadership and knowledge is worth it alone. He is a free agent and the Pats should bring him home.

2. I think the New England Patriots should cut Adalius Thomas. He has shown to me that he is just not a good fit with the Pats. It could be he just doesn't see eye to eye with the head coach. It is time for both sides to say goodbye.

3. I think it is a good thing the New England Patriots brought back David Patten. The Pats have nothing to lose here. He might be old for a wide receiver, but at least he knows the offense. He is also a veteran presence of the "Patriots Way".

4. I think if the New England Patriots sign Julius Peppers he could be the next Adalius Thomas. He has already been questioned by a teammate on his desire to play football. You need players who love the game. He could be another waste of money.

5. I think overtime should be each team has one possession. With talk coming out that the Competition Committee are considering changing overtime for the playoffs I thought I would put in my "2 cents". If they do change overtime please make it for the regular season as well.

These are my 5 things I think about the New England Patriots this week as of March 1st.

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