Monday, March 8, 2010

5 Things I Think about the New England Patriots this week March 8th

With free agency beginning on Friday their has been a tremendous amount of interest by the media. Who would the New England Patriots target in Free Agency? Would the Pats be able to improve their roster through free agency. These are the five things I think about the New England Patriots this week March 8th.

1. Vince Wilfork re-signing with the New England Patriots was a pivotal move for the Pats to rebuild there locker room. I am so happy that Wilfork finally signed. This move will hopefully have a positive effect in the locker room. Younger players can now see that the Patriots "do pay" their players for there performance.

2. Adalius Thomas should not be cut from the New England Patriots. I wrote about this last week. I think Thomas has been a huge disappointment. I did think he should be let go right before the season begins. I have thought about this a little more though. Is there any way the relationship between Thomas and Belichick be reconciled? If it can, and they work out their differences than he should not be cut. I do think he did not give it 100% last year. Belichick and Ty Law worked out their differences years ago. Law that next year played well in his last year with the team. If he is going to be difficult in the locker room again then he should be traded or cut.

3.The New England Patriots should not be blamed for not signing Julius Peppers. This player got a huge contract that was similar to Albert Haynsworth. Even if the Patriots were in the running I think it will be proven out that he is the next "Adalius Thomas". The Patriots needed to take care of there own players first. Peppers does not love football. I just don't think he would have been a great fit for the Pats.

4. The New England Patriots need to sign Kevin Faulk. I have been a critic of Faulk's in the beginning of his career. He did have fumble issues in his first couple of seasons. However, he has turned out to be a very valuable and reliable player. On third down he might be one of the best players of all time in making the big play on that down. The Pats need to bring him back.

5. The New England Patriots need to sign their own players first. The media over the weekend has been very critical of the Pats. The feeling I have been getting is that many members of the media think they should have gotten a "high priced" free agent and made a big splash. I think they did sign a high priced free agent. His name is Vince Wilfork. They also signed Stephen Neal and Tully Banta Cain. In my opinion before they can get better they need to get back to even. It is very important to re-sign Leigh Bodden and Kevin Faulk. Once they take care of their own then they should concentrate on improving the team with free agents.

Those are my 5 things I think about for the week of March 8th.

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