Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The New England Patriots should not cut Adalius Thomas now

In a prior post I believe I mentioned that the New England Patriots should cut Adalius Thomas. I have changed my mind on Thomas being cut from the Pats. With free agency coming up why should the New England Patriots do him any favors? Bart Scott in the New York Post article "Bart Scott: Thomas' wants to join Jets if cut" mentions a desire of Thomas wanting to join the Jets if he is cut. The Patriots should not cut Adalius Thomas now.

Do I believe they should keep him on the team for next season? I absolutely do not want him on the New England Patriots next season. Michael Felger mentioned on Comcast Sports Net Late Night last night that he thinks the New England Patriots should not cut him now. I could not agree with him more. He should have to report to the OTA's and offseason workouts. Why should the Patriots give this guy what he wants. They have paid him very well and he has been a huge "bust". He could be the biggest bust in the history of the club.

I would cut him right before the first game of the year. There is no salary cap so why not keep him on the books until the season begins. This guy is the polar opposite from the "Patriot Way" Super Bowl teams. He shouldn't be on this team, but at this point he should stay.

I think it is worth it to the New England Patriots to keep him away from the Jets. Maybe with the Jets he would start to show the type of player he was with the Ravens. I would not give him the satisfaction to resurrect his career. He mailed it in from the first game of last year. I am not a vindictive person, but in this case I think he helped divide the locker room last season. Let him go through the off season with the New England Patriots.

Next season the New England Patriots need to bring in players that want to be there. They need to get there locker room back. In the meantime, Adalius Thomas should not be cut until the season begins.

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