Monday, March 15, 2010

5 Things I think about the New England Patriots this week March 15th

With free agency in its second week who would the New England Patriots sign? Also, who would be leaving the New England Patriots.These are the five things I think about the New England Patriots this week March 15th.

1. I think Leigh Bodden was the second biggest signing of the off season. I was convinced that the New England Patriots were going to lose their #1 corner. He was in Houston with the Texans having meetings. A funny thing happened and he decided to sign with the Pats. He has stated in interviews that he was interested in coming back before free agency began. Now with him back in the fold, the Pats can concentrate on other needs.

2. I think losing Ben Watson in my opinion is no loss. Ben Watson to me was like "Mike Mamula" was for the Eagles years ago. He was combine hero that had all the intangibles to be an impact player. The combine though to me cannot measure natural football ability. Ben Watson did not have "great hands". With a Tight End you need to have great hands. I think after awhile Tom Brady did not trust him. He had plenty of chances to thrive in this offense. In my opinion he is a huge disappointment.

3. I think Ladainian Tomlinson signing with the Jets believe it or not benefits the New England Patriots. He is not the player he used to be. The Jets would have been better off re-signing Thomas Jones. If they give LT carries that should go to Shonn Greene I think is a mistake. He is not an every day back anymore. He probably thinks he still is. He could become a major issue for that team. Good luck to the Jets.

4. I think signing Kevin Faulk was crucial for the The New England Patriots. As I stated last week having him back in the fold gives Brady stability on third downs. He is your "go to" guy in those crucial situations. I also think he will bring more leadership to the locker room. He will be like Troy Brown in my opinion finish his career with the Pats. He represents everything I love about the Pats. He is a hard worker and very dependable in game changing situations.

5. I think the New England Patriots are on their way to getting their locker room back. With the signing of 5 of their own players there has to be a signal in the locker room that the Pats actually pay their players. These signings should hopefully change the mood in the locker room. Vince Wilfork already has come out and has shown leadership with some comments this week. Since he got his contract maybe now he can flex his muscles and become that " Willie McGinest enforcer" in the locker room. Maybe the Pats of the Championship Days are not dead just yet? This is a step in the right direction.

Those are my 5 things I think about for the week of March 15th.

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