Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fulham Reserves beat Birmingham City 3 - 0

The Fulham Reserves beat Birmingham City 3 - 0 at Montsur Park last night. According to the article, Reserves 3 - 0 Birmigham on, the Fulham reserves came out strong in the opening 15 minutes. Fulham actually scored 3 goals in the first 15 minutes. Birmingham City at that point probably knew it was going to be an uphill struggle.

Danny Hoesen scored the first goal for Fulham. According to, it stated that Wayne Brown then scored the second goal with a shot from the right of the Birmingham box that went in the near post. Then, Christopher Buchtmann took a corner kick that was headed into the net by Matthew Briggs. Before the teams had time to breathe the score was 3 - 0. The score did not change at all after that point. The game ended with Fulham winning 3- 0

According to the article on " Fulham Reserves see off Birmingham" even though Fulham won 3 - 0 the writer could argue that Birmingham were the better side. That could possibly be true, but I am glad to see the Fulham Reserves won the game.

Finally, I am very interested in the progress of Fulham's young players of the future. has a brilliant breakdown and analysis of each Fulham player during the reserve match. In the article on "What I gleaned from the Fulham reserves tonight" the writer gives you his feeling on each player's performance. I would highly recommend reading this article if you are interested in players like Christopher Buchtmann, Wayne Brown, and Danny Hoesen. I will be following the progress of these players.

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