Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New England Patriots are on the way to getting back to "even"

Contrary to the media view I am happy with what the New England Patriots have been doing so far in Free Agency. According to ESPNBOSTON.COM, the New England Patriots are about to re-sign Leigh Bodden. This is wonderful news to me that they are bringing back last year's # 1 corner.

Since Free Agency began the New England Patriots have concentrated on re-signing there own guys. My contention is that the Pats needed to re-sign their players just to get back to even. If Bodden is back in the fold you would be bringing back 4 crucial players. The Patriots need to build back their core with there own veterans. Vince Wilfork, Stephen Neal, Tully Banta Cain, and now Leigh Bodden all coming back can only help the team moving forward.

I think the biggest problem the Pats had last year was their "locker room". I think a great deal of the issues of morale revolve around money. The Randy Moss comments regarding the New England Patriots and money show their is possibly a perception that the Patriots do not play their players.

With 4 of their own players getting good contracts this Free Agency hopefully this will change the morale in the locker room. The players need to know that management will pay them if they play well. Also, other free agents in the future can now see that the Patriots will pay for players.

If the media or Pats fans are disappointed they did not go after "high priced free agents" I think they took care of more important business first. The New England Patriots are taking care of there own. Before you can get better you need to get back to where you were when the season ended. The New England Patriots are on the way to getting back to even.

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