Monday, February 22, 2010

10 Things I think about the New England Patriots this week

In tribute to Peter King of who does an entry in his column each week " 10 things I think I think" I will do my own version each week. Since it is officially the off season you wouldn't think there would be much to talk about regarding the New England Patriots. I couldn't be more wrong.

1. I think Randy Moss is wrong regarding that the New England Patriots " really don't pay". He had several comments which were reported by Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe. I have talked about this in a prior entry. First of all they gave Randy Moss a very nice 3 year deal after the 2007 season. They also gave very good contracts to Tom Brady, Adalius Thomas, Richard Seymour, and Ty Warren. Over the years the Pats have paid close to the cap. To me the perception is not the reality.

2. I think Willie McGinest is right about the Vince Wilfork situation. On, McGinest said "pay the man". He was referring to that he thinks the New England Patriots need to pay Wilfork. I agree with him. However, if Vince is looking for an "Albert Haynsworth deal" than I would understand if they don't come to terms.

3. I think if the New England Patriots can't come to terms with Vince Wilfork they need to franchise him and then trade him. The franchise deadline is coming up. If the New England Patriots and Vince Wilfork cannot come to terms soon the Pats need to do the right thing. Wilfork has played out his 6 year deal. You can get something for him in a trade. Both sides would then win in this situation.

4. I think the New England Patriots need to sign their restricted players first. Logan Mankins and Stephen Gostkowski are restricted players. These players are worth whatever the market value is for there services. They should try to come to terms with these players now. We have already seen what has happened with the Vince Wilfork situation. I think they need to be proactive much more with their own players.

5. I think signing Leigh Bodden is extremely important. Leigh's play was very solid last year. He is not Asante Samuel but he definitely got the job done. He knows the system and that is very important. Plus I have been reading online that he might want to come back to the Pats. There is no salary cap so they can afford to pay their own players. Please don't let him hit the free agency market. The Pats need to this now.

6. I think Tom Brady will play until he is 40 with the New England Patriots. There has been speculation last year in the media how long Tom Brady will play. I have heard him at least a few times say on "Dennis and Callahan" that he wanted to play another 10 years. Those statements were made about 3 years ago. I also think he will be with the Pats until his career is over. I can't imagine the Patriots not making sure he is Patriot for his entire career. It would be a very bad business move for the Kraft's to let him go somewhere else.

7. I think The New England Patriots need coordinators. In my opinion having no coordinators is ridiculous. Bill Belichick is going to be spreading himself too thin. He needs coordinators he can trust and be able to delegate those responsibilities to. With no coordinators how can the greatest coach in football be at his best?

8. I think the New England Patriots need to bring in veteran "character guys" on defense. Keith Bulluck and Kyle Vanden bosch are both available.They are veterans who can add leadership and can still play. If you sign them for a year you can buy time while you groom their replacements through the draft.

9. I think there is no way The New England Patriots are going after Julius Peppers. He is going to be too expensive and the Pats have too many of there own players they need to take care of.

10. I think the New England Patriots need to trade for Deion Branch. I have mentioned this in a prior entry. To me if he is healthy he is a wonderful number 2 or number 3 receiver. He already knows the system and could be a great stop gap until Wes Welker comes back.

These are just my opinions and I am sticking to them.

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