Friday, February 19, 2010

Sour Grapes and Disrespect from Shakhtar Donetsk manager after loss to Fulham

After waking up this morning I was feeling pretty good about the Fulham victory last night. My mood changed when I read the comments by Shakhtar Donetsk manager Mircea Lucescu. In the article from the official website entitled " From the other Side" Lucescu had some interesting comments about the game. In my opinion these comments come off as very arrogant and disrespectful to Roy Hogdson's Fulham team.

According to the article Mircea Lucescu stated" It is a good thing we've got a second leg so we'll still have a chance," the Shakhtar manager explained." We've lost a game that we shouldn't have lost. A lack of practice coming into the game saw us concede the first goal. After that we had the game under control." This statement alone is complete sour grapes from the manager of an opposing team. His team lost the game and Fulham won it period. This manager should be more gracious in defeat and give more credit to Fulham and Roy Hogdson.

The Shakhtar manager then seemed to complain about the referees I believe. According to article Mircea Lucescu stated " We hope the referees in Donetsk will facilitate a beautiful game and not what happened today, I'm not judging the referee - he had his own method of judgement which facilitated more physical football." This manager has the right to his opinion. I personally don't think this game was anymore physical than I see every week. If they think Bobby Zamora and his teammates are too physical than they should prepare better for the second leg. I have a feeling they are going to see the same style of play from Fulham.

To be fair Lucescu did say nice things about Fulham's defense and how well organized the team was last night. He did congratulate Fulham on its victory, but what he said right after that sounded like a "backhanded compliment to me. According to the article Mircea Lucescu then stated" Fulham definitely had some luck and managed to take advantage of their chances but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate Fulham's defensive strength." I have listened to many press conferences of Roy Hogdson. I have heard him complain about the officiating. However, I can't remember him giving backhanded compliments to the opposition. He usually is pretty complimentary to the other side in defeat.
This goes back to the title of my entry. I hate it when a team says "We shouldn't have lost the game. Shakhtar did lose this match. I don't care that they play beautiful football. They do play a great style of football. It didn't matter last night. The better team won last night period. Take your defeat and see if you can beat Roy Hogdson's team in the Ukraine. I tell you one thing Shakhtar better go back to practice and learn how to be more physical. If they don't, Fulham will move on in the Europa League. Just quit your "sour grapes and excuse making". Just come to play next Thursday and we will see who is the better club.

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