Wednesday, February 10, 2010

David Elm breaks through with first goal in Fulham victory

David Elm was the last summer transfer to be added for Fulham for the season. He is 6ft. and 3 inches tall. He looks tall and a little lanky up front. I remember reading more about his brother Rasmus Elm as a very good prospect for Fulham. Rasmus is 21 and ended up going to AZ in the Netherlands.

I had been waiting for months to see Elm get a shot with the first team at Fulham. My thought was if Roy Hogdson signed him at some point he needed to play at Craven Cottage. In the F A Cup against Accrington Stanley I watched him play. I thought he might have a decent first touch as he made some nice passes. I knew I needed to see how he would react in the Premier League.

In Fulham's loss to Aston Villa I thought David Elm showed good effort and hustle. He almost scored his first goal against Aston Villa, but he was offsides when he shot the ball into the net. The Aston Villa game was a horrible loss for Fulham. The team looked out of sorts, but Elm seemed to be one of the only bright spots.

Move forward to last night at Craven Cottage against Burnley. David Elm in the 23rd minute headed a pass to Danny Murphy who scored the first goal of the game. It did look like he was offsides but he was not flagged for it. Next, later in the first half Bobby Zamora's shot was deflected off of the goalkeeper. David Elm was right there to kick and score his first goal in the Premier League.

I think time is needed until the end of the season to make a complete judgement on David Elm. His contract is up with Fulham this summer. According to Sky Sports there is an option for both sides to agree on a 2 year extension. We should have all the answers we need by May.

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