Friday, February 5, 2010

I Don't Think Marshall Faulk is Over Super Bowl XXXVI Yet

I listened to an interview on 98.5 the Sports Hub in Boston yesterday. Marshall Faulk was being interviewed by Michael Felger. This interview was taped earlier before the radio broadcast. Mr. Felger teased the audience prior by saying that the interview was interesting and had its uncomfortable moments especially when the topic of Super Bowl XXXVI was brought up. In that game Marshall's Rams were upset by the New England Patriots.

The first question that was asked by Michael Felger was "if he was over Super Bowl XXXVI yet? There was a pause and he went into his feeling about the game. He didn't come out and say the New England Patriots cheated, but he was certainly hinting about it. He mentioned how no team was able to figure out there redzone plays all year until the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. The Spygate II controversy revolves around the final practice for the Rams prior to the Super Bowl. In this practice the Rams went over there red zone plays.

Matt Walsh, a New England Patriots employee at the time allegedly had taped this practice. As we know now Mr. Walsh stated to Commisioner Roger Goodell that he never taped this practice. He also mentioned this in interviews after talking to the commisioner.

Listening to this interview brought back all of the controversies that I heard over two years ago. Marshall Faulk was also complaining in this interview how the New England Patriots Secondary was covering the Ram's wide receivers.

My thoughts on this interview is Marshall Faulk is just making excuses and reasons to justify the loss. At some point he needs to look himself in the mirror and admit to himself that his team just got beat. The New England Patriots were the better team that day. I have also heard Kurt Warner mention in interviews similar excuses for this loss. These players just don't get it. It is time for them to move on.

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