Thursday, February 18, 2010

I want Deion Branch back with the New England Patriots

When Deion Branch was traded from the New England Patriots during the 2006 season it was a major blow to the team. You could argue if Deion Branch was on the team in 2006 he could have been a difference in the AFC Championship game that year. When I think about that particular game all I can say to myself is " Deion Branch wouldn't have dropped that pass in the second half." His chemistry with Tom Brady was very special.

Since he went to Seattle there is no question he is not the player he used to be with the New England Patriots. He has been injured fairly often. Also, the style of offense in Seattle might not have been the best fit for his skill set.

You might be asking why I am bringing up all of the old memories. Karen Guregian has a very interesting article on Deion Branch on which was quoted from on Guregian asked Branch questions about the possibility of being traded or released. The discussion of the New England Patriots came up in this article as well.

According to Guregian's Boston Herald article which is quoted on, Deion Branch stated, "You know what, I talk to the guys all the time. I never wanted to leave, either."Branch went on to tell Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald which is quoted on, " We just couldn't get the contractual part down. We just couldn't come to an agreement. And that stuff happens.... I still love coach Belichick, and if the opportunity presents itself to come back, I would love to be there. These entire quotes come from Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald and quoted from

I am hoping the New England Patriots management saw this article today. I also hope they contact Seattle regarding a trade for Deion Branch. He would be a fantastic number 2 or number 3 receiver with the Pats. Based on the quotes he is not against coming back. I want Deion Branch back with the New England Patriots.

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