Saturday, February 6, 2010

New England Patriots are the Team of the Decade

Last night on the NFL Network, the series The NFL Presents was on the decade of the 2,000's. This was really a great hour of fantastic moments, players, and moments of the decade. In this hour NFL Films presented the Coach of the Decade, the Team of The Decade, the Player of the decade, and the Play of the decade. Where would the New England Patriots show up in this decade show?

The show was narrated by Tom Selleck. It started with some great moments of the past decade along with some great players. The show then focused on the "Coach of the Decade". To me there should be no discussion who is the coach of the decade. I guess NFL Films agreed with me as Bill Belichick was named "Coach of the Decade". There have been some great coaches over the decade. Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy deserve to be in the conversation. But, there is one clear cut winner who has won 3 Lombardi trophies and that is Coach Belichick.

Next, the focus was on the "Play of the Decade". I was really hoping the play of the decade would center around the tuck rule. To me that play changed football and catapulted the New England Patriots ahead in the decade. To my chagrin the "Play of the Decade" I could not watch. This play was the David Tyree miracle catch in Super Bowl XLII. I understand the significance of this play. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

The next category was "Player of the Decade." NFL Films named Peyton Manning as there player of the decade. I certainly can understand this pick. I do disagree with it as I believe Tom Brady should have been named the "Player of the Decade". NFL Films did make it clear that they thought Brady was close to Manning. Tom Brady's playoff record is 14 -4. Peyton Manning's playoff record is 7 - 8. Again, just based on the records in the playoffs I would have put Brady ahead of Manning.

The final category was "Team of the Decade." This category meant the most to me personally. I don't think it is close, but I have heard arguments from the media that if the Colts win tomorrow they should be at least in the discussion. NFL Films agreed with me as they named the New England Patriots "Team of the Decade". For a decade it really should be the team that could be considered a dynasty as that team. The New England Patriots have won 3 Super Bowl trophies over the course of the decade. They have also been to an additional Super Bowl and AFC Championship Game. The Colts or the Steelers I am sorry to say do not come close. They are great picks at the 2nd and 3rd teams of the decade. There can only be one team , and that is the New England Patriots as"Team of the Decade".

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