Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why would Bobby Zamora leave Fulham this summer?

Why would Bobby Zamora leave Fulham this Summer? This is the question I am pondering today. I was on one of my favorite sites today friendsoffulham.com. I noticed one of the posts was regarding Bobby Zamora. The post on friendsoffulham.com was entitled " Who are we going to lose Zamora to in the Summer".

My first thought that came to my mind was why? I read the reasons in the comments behind the original post. The reasons I was reading from posters ranged from "Bobby Zamora doesn't like it here" to Fulham is a "small club".

The first reason "Bobby Zamora doesn't like it here" is an interesting question. I have seen some of the gestures he has made after scoring goals. Is that gesture meant for the fans or is it meant for his critics? I haven't read or seen anywhere that he is unhappy at Fulham. If he was so unhappy why did he want to stay at Fulham rather than go to Hull?

The second reason I read was Fulham could lose him this summer because they are a "small club". This reason to me is the real argument. In past the larger clubs would take the best players from the smaller clubs over the summer. They can offer more money and possibly European football. I can see why many people would automatically think Bobby Zamora will likely be gone this summer. A team in the "big four" or like Manchester City can cherry pick and get whoever they want.

I personally think he will stay this summer. First, he is under contract with Fulham. He is not free to just walk. Second, if he is happy with the club and flourishing in this system why would he want to leave? He is a key person in the club and scoring goals at a great pace. Third, if the club values him like I think they do, they should do everything they can to make sure he stays. They might be a "small club," but if the desire of the player is to stay and the team wants him to stay I think combined sides can make it happen. I would hope that Fulham would try to offer him a new contract to ward off new bidders this summer.

The "Brede Hangeland" saga this summer is a perfect example of what I just described. Every day from say June until the transfer window closed it seemed I read somewhere that he would be leaving to a bigger club. Arsenal was the club mentioned the most in regards to Brede Hangeland. Brede made it public he wanted to stay, but it was obvious he was looking for a better contract from Fulham. This saga continued the whole summer. Even when Hangeland went public with his desire to stay the media still kept saying he was in "play" with another team. What happened in the end? Brede Hangeland signed a new contract with Fulham and stayed with the team. There was a desire by both sides to make it happen.

In my opinion as long as there is a desire for both sides to continue to work together Bobby Zamora will continue to be a Fulham player.

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