Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bobby Zamora coming back from injury early?

According to the Daily Mirror, Bobby Zamora could be making a shocking return early from an injury. Bobby Zamora dislocated his collarbone against Stoke on January 5th. Speculation at the time was that the injury would have him out of action for 2 months. According to the article in the Mirror the injury did not require surgery.

Also, The Mirror article suggests that he could be on the bench this weekend against Accrington Stanley in the FA Cup. It is also mentioned in the article that Zamora expects to be back next Tuesday against his former club Tottenham.

If this news is true, fans of Fulham should be very excited. With the recent injury spell on the team, having Zamora back early would soften the blow.

There are also rumors in the media that Bobby Zamora could be a transfer target of his former team West Ham. I would be very surprised if Roy Hogdson would accept a transfer deal for Zamora.

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