Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow, Was I wrong about the Pats!

That was the worst beating I have seen against the Pats in the Belichick Era. The knee jerk reaction would be the defense let them down. In this game it was not about the defense. I put this loss square on the shoulders of Tom Brady.

Yes, the defense gave up a horrific run that gave Ray Rice his first touchdown. Besides that run the defense played OK. They were put in bad situations from turnovers by Tom Brady. Mr Brady had 3 interceptions plus a strip sack that led to a touchdown. Before you looked up the Pats were down 24 - 0.

You have to give the Ravens credit. They wanted the game much more than the Patriots. They beat them up and took advantage of all the mistakes. It was a horror show. I could not wait until the game ended. I never would have imagined the Jets and the Ravens would come out of Wild Card Weekend victorious.

The only bright light in this game was that Julian Edelman scored 2 touchdowns and played very hard. It is time to look forward to next year. Based on what I saw today I hope I see many changes from the 2009 Patriots.

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