Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chris Smalling to Manchester United?

According to Sky Sports, Fulham have accepted a bid for Chris Smalling from Manchester United. Smalling is a 20 year old defender and was very impressive in his first Premier League start against Chelsea. The amount of the transfer was not detailed in the story.

It was reported by several media outlets prior that Arsenal were very interested in Chris Smalling. It looks like Manchester United beat Arsenal to the punch. There so far has been no comment from Fulham.

As a Fulham supporter I will be very disappointed if this story is true. This player was up an coming and very young. Unless his contract was coming up I don't understand why Roy Hogdson would accept this transfer bid. I am sure more information will come shortly on this story.


  1. The club were right to let him go to utd, you cannot stand in the lads way when he has a chance to join one of the biggest clubs in the world, i wish him all the best, but dont forget were you came from, we are still a great club, with a solid tradition, and we will still be a pain in the backside to the socalled bigger clubs, carry on the good work Mr Hogdson

  2. Recent comments that have come out from Chris Smalling prove your point. He wanted to go to Manchester United. Why should Fulham stand in his way of his dream.

    I respect that. I am just disappointed that a young player wanted to leave. Now it is up to Roy to do something with the money.