Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vince Wilfork Speaks

I just listened to Vince Wilfork who was a guest on WEEI's Dale and Holley Show. The subject of his contract came up. Vince Wilfork just finished up his 6 year agreement with the Pats. He will be a free agent, but the Patriots can still franchise him. As they were talking about his contract Vince mentioned he is looking for a long term deal or he wants to be free. It was pretty obvious during the interview that he will not be happy if the Patriots franchise him.

I have talked about Vince prior and it is time for the Patriots to give him a long term deal. He has given 6 years to the Patriots. He deserves in my mind to be paid at the top of his position. He is a player that has made it clear he wants to play for the Patriots. It is now up to the team to do the right thing by Vince.

The CBA uncertainty is just an excuse in my mind. Vince Wilfork and Tom Brady need new contracts this offseason. These 2 players should be the priority before they sign anyone else.

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