Sunday, January 10, 2010

NFL Matchup

This morning I watched the NFL Matchup Show with Ron Jaworski and Merril Hoge. They were breaking down the Ravens offense against the Patriots Defense. They were showing examples of how the Ravens should run the ball extensively against the Patriots today.

The first example was the first matchup between the teams in week 4. They were showing Ray Rice gashing the Patriots on a big run. The example was showing how our linebacker Gary Guyton was not flowing to the ball quickly and caused the big run.

The second example was from last week when they showed Jerrod Mayo not flowing to the ball quickly and causing a big run. They both believe that the running backs for the Ravens should have a huge game.

My feelings on our run defense are as follows. If the Ravens decide to run the majority of the time they will lose today. The Pats will be fine against the run. As a fan I know the Pats have a game plan to take away a team's strength. The Ravens strength right now is there run game. I believe the Pats will load the box to take away the run. They will force Joe Flacco to beat them. In both examples given by NFL Matchup the Pats were focused on taking away the passing game. The Pats were more focused on taking away Joe Flacco and Matt Schaub.

I wish Hoge and Jaworski showed an example of the Jacksonville game where the Pats focused on the running game and forced the Jaguars to have David Garrard to beat them. How did that game end up? I think the Pats won pretty easily. I don't see this game as a slam dunk, but I do see the Pats winning and moving on to the Chargers.

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