Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Jets Roster vs. The Pats Roster

The topic for today's show on Felger and Massarotti's Show on 98.5 the Sports Hub was the Jets. Felger was asking his audience if would you rather have the Jets roster or the Patriots roster.

This discussion was a continuation from yesterday's show which Bob Ryan was a guest. I really respect Bob Ryan, but when it comes to football I don't see some of his points. He stated on the show that he believed the Jets will probably win the division the next 3 years. In my opinion this is a knee jerk reaction to one playoff game.

When the discussion started I called up the show. Felger was arguing that the Jets roster as of right now is better and has more talent. I won't disagree with that statement if you talk about there defense compared to our defense. When you go to the offensive side of the ball I think there is a huge advantage with the Pats.

When I got on the radio I was concerned more about after this year and who projects better in the future. I think the Jets made a decision last year that they would go for it and brought in high priced free agents. The Jets definitely upgraded there talent. In the last 2 years the Jets have added via free agency Bart Scott, Alan Faneca, Calvin Pace, Damien Woody, Kris Jenkins and Lito Sheppard. All of these players have really helped close the gap between the Pats and the Jets.

My argument though is everyone of these players are coming up to 30 or older. In the case of Faneca and Woody they are both going to be 34. The Jets could start to see in the next few years a drop off from several of there high priced players.

Mike and Tony although made a very good argument regarding who the Jets have drafted the last 3 years. They have added through the draft Derrell Revis, Dustin Keller, David Harris, and Mark Sanchez. I personally think the whole key to the Jets team will be Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan.

Honestly, the talent of the teams might have slanted in favor of the Jets right now. However, winning the division the next 3 years in my opinion will still be the Pats. We still have the coach and the quarterback. Those 2 factors will always give the Pats an advantage in the division.

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