Monday, January 11, 2010

It is time for the Pats give Vince Wilfork a long term deal

Now that the season is over I will give my opinion on Vince Wilfork. He played on a 6 year rookie deal with the Pats. A six year rookie contract is not even allowed anymore in the NFL. It is time for the Pats to fork out the money for Wilfork. Without him on your defense the Pats would be in even more trouble defensively.

He has been a stalwart for six years and has done his job tremendously. He deserves to get paid. If you are going to pay Adalius Thomas a big contract to come here why won't you pay a big contract to one of your own? I don't want to hear any excuses regarding the CBA. With an uncapped year looming they can afford to pay him the money.

There are several players on this team right now that could be gone. If they decide to get rid of Adalius Thomas and not re-sign Ben Watson you can allocate part of that money to Vince. This man is still one of the only leaders you have left on this team.

Vince last year did not sit out of training camp. He came in and did his job. The crazy thing about this situation is that Wilfork wants to stay here on a long term deal. He has made his feelings publicly his desire to stay.

The Patriots management have many decisions to make this off season. If they want to change the culture back to what it was they need to sign Vince Wilfork. If they decide to franchise him this is a big mistake. Again, this guy is on a contract that is illegal moving forward in the NFL. How unfair would it be to control him for another year. The only reason to franchise him would be to give a negotiation between the parties time to come to an agreement. If the Pats act in good faith with negotiating a long term deal I could accept an interim franchise tag. It just better be a short term decision.

I am a diehard Pats fan for over 35 years. I live close to Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place. I want to see the team's success to continue. The first step in coninuing the process forward is signing Vince Wilfork.

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