Friday, January 1, 2010

FA Cup

Fulham play against Swindon Town in the FA Cup tomorrow. It is a game we should dominate, but competitions like the FA Cup you can always see upsets. Let's just say I am cautiously optimistic.

It might be a chance to see players like David Elm and Bjorn Helge Riise. Actually, Riise looked great in the last Europa league match. I hope he gets some more playing time.

I am actually fascinated by the FA Cup. For Fulham I would love to see them get to play at Wembley. I know we are a way off from there but it is good to dream. I get the feeling though the importance of this competition has lessened over the years. I don't understand why. It would be so great for Fulham to make a serious run. I know we have the EPL and the Europa League to worry about. A good run in the FA Cup could only help Fulham.

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