Monday, January 18, 2010

Tom Brady's contract on the radio

On Saturday I was listening to Andy Gresh on 98.5 the Sports Hub. Whether you like Andy or not he is very knowledgeable and engaging regarding football topics. The topic on Saturday was Tom Brady's contract which I earlier in the week had an entry about. What I found interesting and shocking was the tone of the discussion.

I thought the discussion would center around how the Patriots need to re-sign him now. I was shocked to listen to the discussion leaning towards should we potentially trade Tom Brady. In my opinion the discussion to trade Brady is laughable. Tom Brady is only 32 years old. In quarterback terms he is still in his prime.

I think on the low end he should have at least 3 high quality years left before we see a drop off. Brady was coming off of major surgery last year. When you examine his last year performance injuries should be factored in. It is pretty well known that it could take you until your 2nd year back from knee injury to get back to normal. I feel very confident that next year we will see the Brady we know.

One of the callers was Art from Walpole. I have heard this gentleman several times and he has often been very critical of Brady. In this case he mentioned that he was unsure how much longer Brady plans on playing. If Art has listened to Brady comment about his future before he would have heard Tom mention on several occasions that he plans to play past 40. I think Art needs to listen to the radio more than calling all the sports radio stations.

It blows my mind that a discussion of Brady being traded or not re-signed is a radio topic. Tom Brady in my opinion can be quarterback of the Patriots as long as he wants to be.

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