Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Wes Welker Drinking Game

As a Patriot fan I am really concerned about the health of Wes Welker after his injury early into the game against the Texans. It is never a good sign when a player goes off on a cart. It is pretty obvious he has a serious knee injury. His return in the playoffs is really in doubt.

With all that said, the announcers of the game have mentioned his injury so many times college students could have a "Wes Welker Drinking Game". Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots have mentioned his name and injury so often it is disgusting. I have watched many Pats games in life. These announcers rank near the bottom of the barrel. We are spoiled from week to week when we have Jim Nantz and Phil Simms announcing the games. There is a huge drop off from the "A" team. Harlan and Wilcots are definitely the "D" team.

I really hope Welker is not out for the season. There is one certainty though that in the second half we will be reminded of his injury probably a dozen times. Where is Jim Nantz when I need him.

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