Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Slush Fund" for the Patriots?

Listening to Sports Tonight on Comcast Sports Net last night I heard something very troubling regarding the Patriots. The discussion was about having weapons for Tom Brady. Randy Moss is under contract for around 6 million next year. Tom E. Curran was hinting that his salary was a fairly significant amount. Michael Felger then mentioned that there is no salary cap and basically intimating that the salary shouldn't be an issue. Tom E. Curran then made a statement that upset me as a Patriots fan. According to the interview Tom E. Curran is hearing that the Patriots might want to have a "slush fund" in case there is a lockout in 2011.

You can imagine as a Pats fan this is not an idea I want to hear the team could be considering doing. I don't want to think the Patriots are not going to re-sign or sign free agent players because they are looking to save money in case there is a lockout.

The Patriots have the second highest average ticket price in the NFL. Parking is $50.00 if you want to park at one of the Patriots lots. Are you kidding me that management is even considering doing this? As a Pats fan I hope this "slush fund" theory of Tom E. Curran's is not true. If it is true, how competitive will the Pats be the next couple of years?

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