Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bobby Zamora or Peter Crouch

Back in the Summer Transfer period Fulham were very interested in signing Peter Crouch. At the same time Bobby Zamora was very close to leaving Fulham for Hull. At the time I have to be honest I really wanted Fulham to get Crouch. I thought such a big man up front would give us a presence we currently did not have. Bobby Zamora last season I thought was decent but just did not score enough goals.

Well, where do we stand leading up to Boxing Day? Both Zamora and Crouch both have 8 goals in all competitions for there team this season. Statistics do not tell the whole story.

Bobby Zamora has been a force up front and now the goals are starting to come. Peter Crouch has done his job with Tottenham. In the end I think both scenarios worked out well for both teams.

For Fulham I was wrong regarding Bobby Zamora! He is doing so much up front with passing and scoring. I don't think they win these games this year without him. I can't wait until Johnson and Kamara return. I think we will be tough to beat the second half of the season.

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