Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vince Wilfork and Matt Light

I think the 2 key players this week against the Bills has to be Vince Wilfork and Matt Light. The Bills have 2 qualities that could cause problems for the Pats this Sunday. The running game of the Bills is tough and could cause issues for our defense. Also, the pass rush for the Bills is very good especially against the Patriots.

Vince Wilfork on our defense is very key this week. He has been extremely tough stopping the run. He takes up 2 blockers at a time freeing up the linebackers to make plays. Marshawn Lynch is a very good back. If Vince is out that leaves a huge hole in the middle. When Wilfork went out of the game last week the Panthers were able to run on the Pats very easily. I think stopping the run is overrated in football now, but playing in Buffalo it takes on a huge significance. I don't think Titus Adams or Mike Wright is up to the battle.

Matt Light will be facing his toughest opponent of the year. According to Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston, Aaron Schobel has 12 sacks in 15 games against Tom Brady. This is the most sacks of any player against Brady, Reiss stated. If I were the Pats this week I would move Sebastian Vollmer to left tackle and move Matt Light to right tackle. Vollmer in a short period has proven to me he can match up against top pass rushers. I have much more faith in Vollmer than Light.

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