Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clint Dempsey Should Sit Against Basel

I just read on hammyend.com that according to an article in the Mirror that Roy is hinting to not starting Clint Dempsey against Basel tomorrow. I personally think it would be a smart move for him to sit. We have a huge game Saturday against Manchester United. That game certainly is more important than the Europa League.

Don't get me wrong I would like us to continue in Europe, but the EPL has to be the priority. As I stated prior I want us to strive to be great rather than just good. To do that you have to beat the best. Clint has played an incredible amount of games this year. At some point it will catch up with him. I think sitting him tomorrow is the smart move.

If the game is close I don't see anything wrong with Clint coming in as a substitute. I know we have Greening, Nevland, Konchesky already out for this game. I don't see anything wrong with giving the younger guys a chance in a game like this. David Elm and Eddie Johnson should have a chance to play in this game. Why are they on the team if they are not going to have a chance to play in an important game?

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