Monday, December 7, 2009

Fenway Sport Group

Fulham Football Club have recently signed an agreement with the Fenway Sports Group to marketing partnership. To people who are not familiar with the Fenway Sports Group let me tell you this is great news for fans.

First, Fenway Sports Group have done a tremendous job in marketing the Boston Red Sox making them arguably the second biggest brand name in baseball. The popularity of the Red Sox is still at an all time high. What this meant for fans of the Red Sox is more money to allocate to players. The Red Sox now with there marketing partnerships really have the power to spend money on all free agents. Besides the Yankees the Red Sox are a major player in free agency.

Second, in regards to Fulham I truly believe this partnership will help market the team on a global scale. Fulham does not have the money of the "big four". They need to build the brand of the team up. Over here in America Fulham is thought of as a nice middle of the table team. With the Fenway Sports Group's help I have a feeling you will see more interest and visibility.

Third, I know there is a fear that there will be naming rights to Craven Cottage. I could be wrong but I don't see that happening. Fenway Park where the Red Sox play is very similar to Craven Cottage. Fenway Sports Group did not re-name the ballpark. What they did was put naming rights to parts of the ballpark. The club section is called the EMC club. Also, there is advertising in every piece of Fenway Park. I think you will see these marketing tools used at Craven Cottage.

Finally, all I think this partnership will mean is more money for the team which will hopefully result into more funds allocated to the best players available.

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