Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Roy Hogdson signs new contract with Fulham

According to the Guardian, Roy Hogdson has agreed to a new 12 month rolling contract with Fulham. This is great news for fans of Fulham. As long as Roy is the manager of Fulham we should see the club move forward in the league in my opinion.

The quote in the Guardian states " I'm delighted to have commited my future to Fulham for the years to come." Hogdson said. The manager deserved this new deal and I am glad to see management of Fulham finally got it done.

My only question is what is a 12 month rolling contract? Does this mean that every year Roy and Fulham can just renew the existing deal? Is he just coaching from year to year? I hope more information on this deal comes out. Regardless it looks like Roy is secure for at least a year.

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