Saturday, December 26, 2009

San Diego get #2 seed

I unfortunately watched the San Diego Chargers game last night. Even though it was a longshot I was hoping for a shot at the second seed. The only way we could get that bye would be the Pats winning the final 2 games and the Chargers losing 2 games. Well now all we need to do is just win tomorrow and we are in the playoffs.

If they beat Jacksonville I would sit anyone who is hurt in the final game including Tom Brady. I would actually be happy if the Pats ended up with the fourth seed.I don't want to end up playing the Chargers in the Divisional round. The Chargers are the only team I think the Pats don't match up well with. I don't have any fear playing the Colts.

On a positive note Wilfork and Warren were both at practice for a third straight day. They are both listed as questionable. Fred Taylor is also listed as questionable. In my opinion he is the best back we have. If he can go he would make a huge difference in the running game. I think one of the reason the Pats could not close out games on the road is that they did not have that finishing running back. Taylor can definitely fill that role.

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