Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dan Dierdorf thinks this year was Belichick's best coaching job

I was listening to Felger and Massarotti on 98.5 the Sports Hub and they brought up an interesting topic. Dan Dierdorf during the last Pats game stated he thought this was Bill Belichick's best coaching job this year. The majority of there show was about this topic.

In my opinion along with 2002 were the worst coaching jobs of Belichick's tenure with the Pats. The 2002 coaching job was probably a little worse. That year the Pats defense was horrible against the run. The fact that Belichick could not fix the problem effected the whole team. They ended up 9 -7 and to be honest with you I did not want to see them in the Playoffs. At this moment I am getting the same feeling regarding the current Pats team. Call me spoiled, but I want my team to have a legitimate shot to make it to the Super Bowl. At this current moment I don't feel they have it this year. I certainly hope I am wrong. Trust me I want to be wrong. We will see if they can build any kind of momentum going into the playoffs.

Belichick's coaching job this year has been really sub par for him. The problems on offense I do think have a great deal to do with coaching. I don't think Brady is as hurt as others think. I see him throwing go routes to Moss and also doing a quarterback sneak. These offensive woes have to do with play calling and execution. The buck starts and stops with Belichick.

I would not want any other coach. In my mind he is the best of all time along with Bill Walsh. This year has not been his best coaching job. I actually think last year's team was his best.

Again this was a great topic on Felger and Massarotti's show. I highly recommend the station and there show for fans of the Pats. They will give you there honest opinion.

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