Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Wisdom of Solomon?

During the Patriots 35 - 7 victory over the Jaguars we heard another gem from Solomon Wilcots during the broadcast. In his segment called " The Wisdom of Solomon" he stated that if the Colts win another Super Bowl this year they will have an argument as being "team of the decade".

The reason would be that currently the Colts have 115 victories so far this decade compared to the Pats having 111. The Colts actually have broken a record for amount of wins in a decade. The record is impressive but what does it really mean? The Patriots had the record of 21 in a row and again does it really mean anything? My answer to both questions is the records are nice but Super Bowl victories mean the most.

The Patriots should be considered the team of the decade period. The best the Colts can do is have 2 Super Bowl rings this decade. Again, that accomplishment is impressive, but the last time I looked three is larger than two. The last thought I have on this subject is would the Colts be considered a dynasty? I believe that term is reserved for the Patriots.

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