Monday, December 7, 2009

Rebuilding Year

After watching the Patriots game yesterday I made the decision that it is time to start blogging. I have been a Pats fan since 1975.

First, I never want to see those throwback jerseys again. For me the Pats never accomplished real winning with the "Pat Patriot" logo. It needs to be benched permanantly.

Second, It is time for Patriot fans to realize this is a rebuilding year. The Pats didn't come out and tell you that, but it is pretty obvious. They needed to get younger and more athletic on defense. I think they have begun the process of accomplishing this goal. This defense no matter what you have seen the last 3 weeks is much better than it was last year. It just needs more time to establish itself.

Third, this idea that the Patriots need a pass rush to help the secondary is correct. However, I would argue the Patriots have never had a strong pass rush since I have been watching them.

They play a 3-4 read and react defense. The defense lineman never are able to really rush the passer, because they are reading the defense first and then reacting. Your pass rush comes form the outside linebackers. The only true pass rushers I have seen on the Pats in the last 8 years were Mike Vrabel and Willie McGinest. The mistake they made this year was trading Mike Vrabel. I disagree that Richard Seymour would have improved the pass rush.

Finally, this all goes back to what I began with. This is a rebuilding year and it is time to accept it.

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