Thursday, December 17, 2009

Resting Players in the Europa League

This is a topic below I just posted on there messageboard. This is an excellent site for Fulham fans!

I watched the match yesterday and was happy with the win, but also had questions regarding the media's perception of Fulham resting players for this match.

The commentators of the game kept mentioning that some English Teams in the past did not put there best side out there for a game in Europe. They were pretty critical of Roy's starting team. It seemed they were disappointed that Clint Dempsey, Damien Duff, and Brede Hengeland were on the bench and not starting. They don't see the purpose of resting certain players during a Europa League match. Under the circumstances with 3 members suspended for the game we did not have our best team out there.

However, I personally agree with Roy's starting team. I think we are deeper than we are portrayed in the media. I keep hearing we have a small side without much depth. I think yesterday proved we have more depth than the media thinks. Players such as Riise,Smalling, and Kelly were able to fill in well. I know Chris Smalling had the handball but that call could have gone either way. Riise and Kelly I think were both excellent.

I want Fulham to win in the Europa League as much as anyone. I do think the EPL has to come first. Ask yourself would you rather have Fulham beat Manchester United or Basel? I will take my chances with my best team against Manchester United. Again I think Roy did the right thing and we advanced."

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