Monday, December 14, 2009

Roy Happy To Get a Point

I just watched a Sky Sports video of Roy Hodgson after the Burnley game. He basically stated going into the game he would be happy with a point. I think he might be a little disappointed they did not get the victory at Burnley.

Watching the game specifically in the first half we should have scored at least one goal. We were dictating the game to Burnley. In the second half it seemed a little more even. I am personally disappointed we tied this game. We looked like the far superior side. These are the games we need to win.

I know we went into this year hoping to match the 7th place finish we had a year ago. We should be striving for better. I don't understand this mentality of being happy with being good. Why can't for one year we strive for being great? I know we are limited in funds to spend on players. Football though is a team sport and sometimes the sum of the parts can make a better team than another side with high priced individual players. Do you really think Manchester City is that much better of a side than Fulham? I certainly don't think Manchester City is better.

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