Monday, December 14, 2009

Randy Moss

After watching the game against the Panthers I was completely disgusted with what I just watched. The biggest problem I have with the team was how flat they were. It was almost as if they were sleepwalking through the first half. The Pats honestly should have been up 3 touchdowns at the half.

With that said what really drove me crazy was the effort of Randy Moss. I just don't get someone who doesn't seem to give 100% on every play. The interception by Tom Brady in the first half seemed to be a direct result in Randy Moss going half speed on the route. I just heard Tom Brady on WEEI and he said that him and Randy saw different things on that play. He took the blame for the interception. Tom Brady was acting like the leader he is.

I think Mike Felger has it right when he says Randy is like a home run hitter. He is there for the big play and not really consistent from play to play. After the game yesterday I definitely agree with him. He needs to be gone for next year. We need to figure out a way to get Deion Branch back here. You never had to worry about effort with Mr. Branch. You do question effort with Mr. Moss.

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