Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tom Brady VS. Eli Manning

I was listening to 98.5 the Sports Hub yesterday and heard an interesting caller. His name was Al and he was specifically calling about Tom Brady. He said that he didn't understand that people were comparing Tom Brady to Dan Marino. According to this caller he didn't think Brady should be in the same conversation with Marino.

Al took it to the next level and started naming quarterbacks now he would rather have than Brady. He named Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning. He then went on to emphasize strong that he would rather have Eli Manning than Tom Brady as his starting quarterback. His reasons are a familiar argument regarding Brady. He thinks he throws way too many short passes that become long gainers. He also said that Brady has an advantage with having All Pro receivers compared to Eli Manning. He was describing him as a "system quarterback". He said that he watches all the Giants games and sees how Eli performs with lesser wide receivers. It was pretty obvious to me that Al is a "New Yorker".

I have heard this argument about Tom Brady from many New Yorkers that think he is a product of the system. If New Yorkers would rather have Eli that is great. I doubt it very much he will win another Super Bowl in my lifetime.

I can't say this any stronger than anyone who thinks they would rather have Eli Manning than Tom Brady as there starting quarterback is being moronic.

Here is my argument Al. I have watched many games of Eli Manning going back to Ole Miss. I hate to tell you he can't hold his brother's jock when it comes to being a quarterback. I would take Tom Brady over his brother Peyton although it is close.

First, I will admit that Eli played well in the playoffs of 2007. In the Super Bowl he was decent but not great. I will give it to you he won the game. The only stat that really matters is wins and specifically in the postseason. Eli has 1 Super Bowl ring and Brady has 3.

Second, Who has played better in the Postseason overall? I think this is a no-brainer with Brady, but just for New Yorkers I will break it down. In the Post Season Brady has lost one Super Bowl, an AFC Championship game and a divisional game. He has no other losses other than those games in the Post Season. He has 3 Post seasons which I could show you on DVD with Three Games to Glory I, II, and III. That is nine wins for 3 Super Bowls. There are an additional 5 playoff wins as well. That makes Tom Brady 14 -3 in the playoffs. I have to be honest I don't know Eli's record in the playoffs. I do know he won a Super Bowl, but I also know he threw several picks one year against the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs and they lost. Also, just last year I think he did the same thing against the Eagles and they lost.

Third, The argument that Brady has had better receivers over his career is also moronic. In 2001 Brady had Troy Brown and David Patten as his starting receivers. In 2003 and 2004 he had Deion Branch and David Givens. Currently he has Randy Moss and Wes Welker. He hasn't always had elite receiver's. The year Eli won the Super Bowl didn't he have Plaxico Burress who won the game for the Giants. Isn't he an elite receiver?

Fourth, I will put under the category of "clutch regular season games". Eli certainly has won a few clutch games. I have watched him. I hate to tell you Al but Tom Brady has had a boat load of clutch games. You can go to most of the 2003 season and see the evidence. I went to the Monday night game in Denver when he brought the Patriots down the field with the winning drive against the Broncos. How about the win that year in Miami when he threw a touchdown pass to Troy Brown in overtime. Also how about the game Houston when he brought the Patriots back from behind that led to a field goal to win the game. There are so many I could be here all day.

In my opinion to put Eli Manning in the same category as Tom Brady is laughable. Again any New Yorker that would rather have Eli there is nothing wrong with it. I just think you saw your last Super Bowl victory for a long time. Good Luck!

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